Monday, November 10, 2008

MAG on TV!

Several members of the Miami Artisans Guild were interviewed and featured on Celebrate South Florida, a public television program which highlights events and people from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

This special program which aired tonight is described as:

"Celebrate South Florida gets creative for the holidays. We feature unique one of a kind designs from the Miami’s Artisan’s Guild, an eclectic mix of cool crafters from the South Florida area. Join us as they show off there wares and talk about their passion for crafting. Find out how you can tap into your artistic side with their Sunday Crafternoons for the young and young at heart where sewing machines rumble, beads are being wire wrapped and the hot glue is abundant. Crafting has never been this cool."

The artisans featured were:

♦ Pam of BeanBlossom

♦ Ana of Anamano & AnamanoCrafts

♦ Gina of GinaDesigns

♦ Ciara of CiaraLovesYou

♦ Stephanie of 75Rabbit

In the same program, they featured Heather, aka Ragamufyn

The program originally aired on Monday, November 10th on WLRN at 7:30 pm. It is scheduled to re-air on Saturday, November 15th, same time...but click here to try to find the program in your particular area.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

GOCCO Tutorial

On the same day we had our most recent crafternoon , our hostess Pam
gave us a Gocco demonstration and we wanted to share the basic details with you, so you can get inspired and get your GOCCO on!!
(better hurry though, as Riso, the company who makes these great little machines has decided to stop producing them. Get more info about that here).

Basic information:

The Print Gocco will produce professional quality printing that in some ways will out-perform your local printer.

Either by itself or used in conjunction with one of its accessories, the Print Gocco lets you create colorful designs and lettering on paper, card stock, fabric, wood, three dimensional objects and on large or small surfaces. You can even use the imaged master to etch designs on glass. Print your own personalized greeting cards, invitations, T-shirts, wrapping paper, party napkins, stationery (including envelopes), business cards...the possibilities really are endless!


There are essentially three steps to follow:

1. You will first need an original. The original could be made up of hand drawn lettering and graphics or it could be constructed using clip art, output from a computer printer or something you might have photocopied.

2. A master is then prepared on the Gocco Printer using flash bulbs similar to those used in camera flash units years ago. With the original in contact with the Print Gocco master, the heat from the flash bulbs is amplified (increased) wherever there is an image on the original causing tiny openings to occur in the master.

3. The master is uniquely constructed in such a way as to allow you to "sandwich" a layer of ink between the imaged master and a transparent plastic film. The initial supply of ink is sufficient to print 80 to 100 copies (or more) before you would have to add more ink to continue printing additional copies. A thin piece of foam material could be placed between each ink color permitting many colors to be printed at the same time. Positioned back in the Gocco printer, you simply place the card stock or paper on a platform and lower the inked-up master into contact, apply some light pressure and "voila!", you have a beautiful, high detail color print of your original.


Here are photos of all the steps:

This is the screen (on which you will "burn" your image, then use and re-use to print)

The bulbs used to burn the image on the screen (one time use)

Place new screen on the top portion of the gocco machine....Place your image on the bottom portion of the machine (image facing up towards the screen).

Place the part that contains the bulbs on the very top of the machine, until you click it in place.

Then with your bulbs on, new screen in place and your image facing up...its time to press down, until you see the "flash" of the bulbs and "click" (we suggest you don't look directly at the light, just to be safe).

After you've pressed down, go ahead and open the machine.
Left photo: shows how your image has "stuck" to the screen.
Right photo:what the screen looks like after you take the paper off. Now your image is "burned" on the screen - this is your "imaged master".

Take the top with the bulbs off the machine.
Do NOT remove the bulbs right now! They are VERY hot,
so put them on the side where no one can touch them.
Here we see Pam telling Heather NO, you can't touch this!

Next, you outline your image with ink...its ok to be generous with the ink, but don't
go can always add more afterwards.

Here is our image inked and ready to go.

Left photo: place the inked screen back to the top portion of the machine
Right photo: Place your fabric (we used fabric ink) or paper on the bottom.

Press down with pressure: not too light, not too hard. It might take a couple of tries for
you to get the right pressure.

TADA!!! Here is our wonderful "Craft or Die" skull image.
MAG members kick some serious butt!

Try different fabrics, papers...go crazy and have fun!

The "imaged master" is capable of printing thousands of copies.
When you're done printing, simply remove the ink from the master and save it until the next time you need more prints.
You can change the ink color and experiment!

Now you know how to GOCCO, so go and get yours and have fun!

MAG's Latest "Crafternoon" - Full of shoe Madness!

The most recent crafting afternoon (or Crafternoon, as we like to call it), hosted by MAG-member Pam of BeanBlossom, was inspired in part by artist Melanie Hill-Guion's shoe shrines, as well as by an ever-growing desire many contemporary artists and crafters have, to recycle and give new life to used and worn objects.

So a few of us got together and put our personal/artistic touches to our own "art shoes":

Here's an overview of the Crafting table, which was full of all sorts of "goodies",
from paints, fabric trims, glitter - you name it, we had access to it!

The first step before working on your shoe is to clean it with some rubbing
alcohol, so that you don't have any dust or dirt getting in your way.

Ladies hard at work, trying to come up with their masterpieces!

From Left: Julie, Katrina, Pam , Heather and not pictured is
Ana (happily behind the camera).

Still working away!

Our lovely hostess for the day, is a MAG member and has an online shop called BeanBlossom.

That's her hand, working on her version of the "Starry Night".
Pretty cool!

This is how is looked at the end of the crafternoon.
VAN GOGH would be proud!

She's not yet a member, but is a Crafter living in Miami who wanted to find other like-minded individuals for crafting sessions & creative she fit right in with our group. We enjoyed meeting her and hope she becomes a MAG member soon!

Julie working on HER shoes

Here she is with her finished shoes & her hubby!

MAG member and owner of Eclectica (home decor store in Miami). She also has two online shops called EclecticaMiami & HomeECOnomics.

Katrina is trying to decide whether or not to use those fabulous red beads!

Katrina's shoe at the end of the crafternoon.

MAG member. Has an online shop called Ragamufyn.

Heather is workin' those boots!

Here is what one of the boots (matching pair) looked like
at the end of the crafternoon. Dorothy would have LOVED these!

MAG member. Has two online shops called Anamano & AnamanoCrafts.

Ana's shoe "in progress"

Here it is at the end of the crafternoon.

♦♦ Next post will have step-by-step photos of a Gocco demonstration Pam graciously did for us...SO STAY TUNED!! ♦♦

Friday, May 23, 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mother's Day Art Sale

Well, I had a lot of fun. Seven artists were featured in this show and despite this being the season where all our scientists go in to the field and students have left we had a pretty nice turnout. I especially liked the networking going on between artists. I think everyone sold a bit and more importantly got to take all but 10% of it home instead of paying fees! The 10% went to the RSMAS library and to FINCA - a group that provides small loans to families (mostly women) in developing countries so they can start a small business and lift themselves out of poverty. Thought it was quite appropriate!

--Monica Lara

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Crafternoon

Some of my friends from the Miami Artisan's Guild and I got together for our first Sunday Crafternoon. We had so much funnnnn! This first workshop was taught by me. I showed my friends Pam, Ginny, Katrina, Darlene, Kate and Ciara to make a wonderful pair of earrings out of silver sheet, beads and wire. They all turned out fabulous!

We ate pizza, hammered and drilled and struggled with our wire wraps! Of course we discussed all sorts of crazy and wonderful stuff. The next will be taught by Pam (Beanblossom) and it will be about Gocco printing!

--Monica Lara

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Screen Printing Demo by Almightee

MAG member Jordan from the Almightee Clothing Co. provided us with a free screen printing demonstration at Ultrech Arts in South Miami.

For more pictures of the day please visit our flickr @